Linda, Open Heart Surgery

Thanks to Johnson City Medical Center, Linda can have her cake and serve it, too.

Linda’s wedding and event venue, The Heritage, had been open less than a year when, in late October 2018, her doctors told her it was time she had open heart surgery. It was the worst possible timing. The event center and The Catering Company that she ran were booked solid through the holidays.

Her doctors had been monitoring the blockage in her heart since she suffered a heart attack four years earlier at the at age of 44. Unlike her previous blockage, this one couldn’t be stented because of where it was located. Linda met with her doctor, cardiologist and surgeon at Johnson City Medical Center. They determined that her surgery could wait until January. Linda was relieved.

She made it through the hectic holidays and underwent double bypass surgery in early January. She was back to work within weeks. “My doctors were wonderful,” she says. “I can tell a big difference. I have more energy than I’ve had in years.”

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