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Heart Care Patient Stories

Frank Matras, Heart Attack Survivor

Frank Matras was planting rose bushes for his daughter-in-law. He didn’t feel well, but didn’t have any specific symptoms, so he pushed on. When he got home, he felt overheated and tried to cool down. Then, he broke into a cold, clammy sweat. That’s when his wife recognized that something was terribly wrong…

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Jannie Roush, Heart Attack Survivor

Jannie Roush recently enjoyed taking an art class that her daughter teaches. She was thrilled to join her son in the excitement of buying his new house. Her heart skips a beat as she spends time with her pride and joy, grandson Ian. But Jannie almost missed spending these special times with her family, along with any in the future. That “gas pain” in her chest turned out to be something much worse…

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