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Heart Care Patient Stories

portrait photo: Jannie smiling

Jannie, heart attack survivor

Taking an art class her daughter teaches, the excitement of her son’s new house, spending time with her pride and joy, grandson Ian – Jannie almost missed these special times. The “gas pain” in her chest turned out to be something much worse…

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portrait photo: Greg with arms crossed

Greg, heart attack survivor

In the fall of 2016, Greg was juggling a job as an MRI technician at Johnston Memorial Hospital and transporting his three stepchildren to various sporting events, when he suffered his first heart attack…

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portrait photo: Linda smiling handing someone a plate of food

Lina, open heart surgery

Her doctors had been monitoring the blockage in her heart since she suffered a heart attack four years earlier at the at age of 44. Unlike her previous blockage, this one couldn’t be stented because of where it was located…

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portrait photo: Vic smiling, leaning on walking stick

Vic, open heart surgery

Vic was determined not to let a family history of diabetes and heart disease catch up with him. He stayed ahead of it by cycling and hiking in the woods, but a calcium screening of his heart revealed he had several blockages…

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