Sponsorships & Charitable Contributions

Ballad Health's mission drives its charitable programs. By working with non-profits and government agencies, Ballad Health improves regional health by addressing community issues. The company contributes resources to these partnerships, including grants for health needs, event charitable contributions, in-kind donations, volunteer work and expert support.

Funding priorities

At Ballad Health, charitable contributions support services and programs that align with our mission, vision and values in the Appalachian Highlands region. Our focus areas include:

  • Arts, entertainment and outdoor events
  • Civic engagement
  • Health forums
  • Health campaigns and initiatives
  • Capital projects for health and wellness

Please use our online application for in-kind donations, speaking engagements or the Ballad Health logo to benefit the community.

Eligibility guidelines

Ballad Health is dedicated to supporting organizations within the Appalachian Highlands region. To make the most of our external investments, we ask that all charitable contributions funding requests be submitted in a single application.

As part of the application process, you'll need to disclose any current funding, including charitable contributions received.

Ballad Health's charitable contributions are limited to organizations exempt from taxation under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Please note that some activities are not eligible for funding.

Selection criteria

All requests are reviewed and approved by a charitable contributions committee that includes Ballad Health leadership. Applications will be evaluated based on the total investment being requested from Ballad Health.

Successful events or projects will demonstrate the following:

  • Support of at least one of the identified community benefit priorities
  • Effect on regional economic development and well-being of the Appalachian Highlands
  • The potential for long-term, sustainable relationships
  • Event/project reach or impact

Charitable contribution requirements

  • Funding must be utilized within one year of receipt
  • A receipt-of-payment acknowledgment letter must be submitted within 10 days of payment
  • A summary of the event/project outcomes must be submitted, including information such as the number of people served and the impact on participants. This summary may be used for publicity purposes.
  • Immediate written notice must be provided to the marketing team if any significant changes or events occur during the award term that could impact the funded event/project, including changes in management, loss of funding or revocation of tax-exempt status.
  • Funds must be used for the stated purpose following the charitable contributions agreement. Any modifications must have prior written consent from the marketing team.
  • Accurate accounting records of funds must be kept.
  • Collaboration with Ballad Health's marketing and communication staff for media attention is required.
  • Before distribution, marketing staff approval is required for all materials mentioning Ballad Health's support.

How to submit a charitable contribution request

Applications should include all relevant information for each event/project.

Applications will be considered if they meet the funding criteria outlined in the application and all attachments have been validated. Current recipients must be in good standing and have submitted all required reports to be eligible for a charitable contributions.

  1. All requests for contributions must be submitted using the portal below.
  2. It is not necessary for organizations to follow up about the status of their applications. Organizations will be able to check status in the portal. All organizations will receive confirmation after funding decisions have been made.
  3. Organizations receiving gifts of $5,000 or more are asked to submit a progress report following the completion of the program or activity. 
  4. Sponsorships are granted for one year unless otherwise specified, and recipients are responsible for requesting renewed support. Each request will be considered anew and compared with other requests received for that year. 

Fill out our Sponsorship/Contribution Application here.

When to submit requests

Ballad Health reviews charitable contributions, grant, and community benefit requests during the following cycles:

Cycle 1: 

  • Applications received between April 1 – September 30
  • Decisions notified on or after October 31

Cycle 2: 

  • Applications received between October 1 – March 31
  • Decisions notified on or after April 30