It’s Your Story

At Ballad Health, our patients are our story.

Our patients inspire us every day, and we’re honored when they trust us with their care.

They tell their stories best, so we’ve gathered a few here to share with you. We’re listening, and we hope you’ll enjoy listening too.

A story in photographs

Ballad Health photography project – you can help

The sights of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia are something to behold, and who better to capture them than the people who live, work and love our region?

Ballad Health is seeking scenic photography, and you can submit your work to be featured in upcoming system materials.

Miracle moments

Niswonger Children’s Hospital stories

Offering a cheerful, light-filled facility, Niswonger Children’s Hospital is designed to give children state-of-the-art care in a supportive, family-centered environment. Our pediatric physicians and team members provide exceptional medical care in the region’s only pediatric hospital.

NICU stories

In Ballad Health’s neonatal intensive care units, our region’s smallest patients get the care they need to thrive. Our experts help sick and premature babies through their first weeks and months of life, so they can grow up strong and healthy. Get to know some of these little miracles.

Life changed

Weight loss stories

The weight-loss journey is about more than fitting into your jeans from high school. It’s about reclaiming your health and being able to live a more active, fuller life. Our weight-loss patients have shared their struggles, challenges – and ultimate triumphs.

Life restored

Cancer care stories

Hearing the word “cancer” can bring someone’s world to a stop. But at Ballad Health, we’re committed to fighting by our patients’ sides every step of the way, until cancer is a distant memory. Read and watch stories about survivors’ treatments – and their lives after cancer.

Heart care stories

Our heart care teams are helping find better ways to treat and beat heart disease for both children and adults. Heart problems can be challenging, but at Ballad Health, we make sure your heart receives the very best care so you can get back to the things you love to do.

Joint replacement stories

When you suffer from joint pain or bone injuries, every step can be torture, and the ability to live the life you love can feel out of reach. But Ballad Health’s orthopedic experts stand by our patients’ sides every step of the way, until they’re back in stride.

Robotic-assisted surgery stories

When you're in need of surgery, you want to make the right choice. At Ballad Health, many of the surgeons are using the most advanced precision surgical systems to help our patients shorten their recovery time, letting them get back to their lives faster than ever before.

Trauma care stories

You never know if tragedy will hit. But you can know that, if it does, you have access to medical personnel throughout the region that will get you to the right place at the right time for the right care.

Life savers

Team member stories

At Ballad Health, we value our doctors and the great care they provide. They’ve made a lifelong commitment to serve, using their expertise to improve – and sometimes save – other’s lives. So what inspires them, and what keeps them going? Here they tell us in their own words. Our team members are the heart and soul of Ballad Health. They're listening to your story. See their stories here.