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Trauma Care Patient Stories


Chief Lane Photo

Chief Lane, trauma care patient

Shot in the pelvis and both arms, Chief Lane’s condition was serious, and every second counted for his survival. Chief Lane was brought to Norton Community Hospital’s emergency room for trauma stabilization, then flown to the Level 1 Trauma Center at Johnson City Medical Center, where he had surgery before being transferred back to Norton, where he spent the next three weeks in the inpatient rehabilitation unit close to home.

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Ketron Smiling with Photo

Ketron, trauma care patient

After his weekly fishing trip, 85-year-old Ketron headed home to Erwin when a drunk driver hit him head-on. His Jeep flipped, leaving him trapped. Rescue services rushed him to Johnson City Medical Center. During the next few months of surgeries, hospital stays and inpatient rehab, Ketron worked hard to learn to walk again.

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Danny Outdoor Portrait

Danny, trauma care patient

To avoid hitting what turned out to be a bear on his hind legs, Danny’s truck left the road, tumbled down a 60-foot ravine, and landed in a creek. Staff at a local community hospital sent him by ambulance to Johnson City Medical Center. There, an orthopedic trauma surgeon did surgery to stabilize his leg and performed reconstructive surgery.

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