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Joint Replacement Stories

Life Restored

Carl Moore, Knee Replacement

One by one, 86-year-old Carl Moore’s favorite activities became increasingly more painful. Walking the hills on his farm.  Mowing. Navigating steps in the gym at his granddaughter’s volleyball games. Working out at the YMCA.  Then all of a sudden, the pain reached a level that kept him from doing anything, so he knew it was time to see a doctor … Read the rest of Carl’s story and watch his Life Restored video here.

Becky Jones, Hip Replacement 

Becky Jones could hardly get in and out of a car due to the severe pain in her hip. Playing  on the floor with her grandchild was out of the question. When her co-workers told her she was hobbling so badly she looked like she was 100 years old, though she was just 56, she decided she needed to see a doctor, and she is so glad she did … Read the rest of Becky's story and watch her Life Restored video here.

Mark Banks, Knee Replacement

An avid athlete in his younger days, Mark Banks spent his adult years hiking and backpacking. A few years ago, knee pain forced him to pack lighter and take shorter trips, but soon the 59-year-old history teacher had to give up hiking the trails he loved. On a trip to Washington, D.C. with his 83-year-old father, Mark decided he couldn’t live this way any longer … Read the rest of Mark's story and watch his Life Restored video here.

Jennifer Pinnell, Knee Replacement

At 48 years old, Jennifer Pinnell didn’t dream that knee replacement surgery would be in her near future.  She was a busy respiratory therapist at Johnson City Medical Center, walked 15 to 20 miles each week and regularly ran 5K races.  Then one day, while watching television, she did something she lived to regret … Read the rest of Jennifer’s story and watch her Life Restored video here.

Bill Chase, Hip Replacement

Cattle farmer, avid bass fisherman, and proud hands-on grandfather Bill Chase was enjoying retirement in his early 60s. Then pain from what he thought was back trouble began to prevent him from keeping up with his grandkids and he had to give up fishing. Soon he couldn’t even tie his own shoes.  When he went to the doctor, he discovered that pain wasn’t from his back at all. Instead, he needed a new hip … Read the rest of Bill’s story and watch his Life Restored video here.

Sheriff Dexter Lunceford, Knee Replacement

I was playing basketball two nights a week and playing golf. My knee was bone-on-bone and the doctor said I had to quit playing. Not being able to play basketball might not sound like a big deal to most people, but it was huge for me. I’ve been playing basketball all my life. Read the rest of Sheriff Dexter Lunceford's story.