Carter County Sheriff Dexter Lunceford, Knee Replacement Patient

“I have absolutely no regrets, except that I should’ve had done it 10 years earlier.”

Sheriff Lunceford’s story

I was playing basketball two nights a week and playing golf.

My knee was bone-on-bone, and the doctor said I had to quit playing.

Not being able to play basketball might not sound like a big deal to most people, but it was huge for me. I’ve been playing basketball all my life.

I would get up in the morning, and it would take me a while to get going. You could hear me walking through the house with my knee popping and cracking.

Then one day I was trying to pull a piece of brush across my yard and just couldn’t do it.

My knee was worn out from hard living, hardworking and hard playing. I’ve been a law enforcer for 32 years, was in the Marine Corps before that, did carpentry work on the side when I was a police officer, and then I’ve played sports all my life.

My knee was hurting all the time, and no standard treatment helped.

The doctor said I needed a total knee replacement, so I looked around to see where I wanted to have surgery and I chose Sycamore Shoals Hospital. The staff was friendly, courteous and professional. I have nothing but praise for my experience.

I went home the day after surgery and immediately started walking with a walker up and down my driveway every day.

I only went to rehab two times, and then they told me I didn’t need to be there because I was doing so well. I was back to work full-time in three or four weeks.

As sheriff, it was important for me to not be away for long. Six months later I was golfing again. Now I’m playing basketball.

I’m back to golfing and playing basketball. You can’t tell I’ve had surgery except for the scar.

I would say I am 95 percent restored. I probably can’t run a long distance, but I have no problems and can do anything – twist, turn, bend. I have no limp whatsoever.

I have absolutely no regrets, except that I should’ve had done it 10 years earlier.

I have friends thinking about having a knee replacement, and I tell them, “do it.”

Don’t wait.

You ought to have it done sooner than later so you can get back to enjoying life. You won’t regret the surgery one bit.

I highly recommend Sycamore Shoals Hospital. The care I got there was great… and I don’t just say that.

I’m now back to doing everything I want to do.

Is knee replacement for you?

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