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Knee Replacement

If arthritis pain in your knee won’t go away, your orthopedic surgeon might recommend knee replacement surgery – one of the most successful treatments in any area of medicine.

Get your surgery at a Ballad Health hospital, and you’ll receive the care you need to start enjoying a more active lifestyle.

Is knee replacement for me?

You may qualify for knee replacement surgery if:

  • Knee stiffness makes it hard to walk or do daily tasks.
  • You feel pain while resting or sleeping.
  • Nonsurgical treatments, such as physical therapy and pain management, haven’t helped long-term.

Medical Exam

To decide whether knee replacement is your best option, a surgeon will review your medical history, look at how your knee moves and order an imaging test to see inside the joint.

The imaging test results show whether cartilage, or cushioning, has worn away between knee bones. If there’s not enough cartilage, your bones rub together and cause pain.

How knee replacement works

During a knee replacement procedure, your surgeon removes damaged cartilage and bone from your knee.

He or she then puts in place a metal and plastic joint that’s right for your body size, gender and activity level.

Anesthesia will prevent you from feeling pain during surgery, which takes one to two hours.

Minimally invasive knee replacement

Your surgeon might recommend minimally invasive knee replacement, depending on your health, medical history and other factors.

This approach uses smaller incisions, or cuts in the skin, and affects fewer muscles. That means you’ll notice less scarring and pain after surgery, and you’ll recover faster.

Knee replacement revision

Your new knee can last up to 20 years. But a surgeon might need to replace the artificial joint if:

  • You outlive the implant.
  • High-impact athletic activities wear down the joint.
  • The implant loosens or moves.
  • Your knee gets infected.

If you notice pain, swelling or stiffness after your recovery, talk to your surgeon. You may need knee revisioning, or a replacement of your artificial joint.

Complete care you can trust

At Ballad Health hospitals, you’ll find complete orthopedic care, support and answers to your questions before and after surgery. And you’ll benefit from hospitals recognized for providing safe, affordable, high-quality knee replacement services.

In fact, you’ll find one of the top-rated certified joint replacement programs nationwide right here at Ballad Health.


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