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Robotic-Assisted Surgery – Mako


See faster recovery times with robotic-assisted surgery

Your doctor may recommend robotic-assisted surgery at a Ballad Health facility if you need a full or partial knee replacement or hip replacement.

While robotic-assisted surgery involves the same preparation as other surgical procedures, it does generally offer enhanced benefits for both you and your surgeon.

Meet the Mako

For joint replacements, our surgeons have access to the Mako SmartRobotics™ surgical system.

The Mako system is a robotic-assisted surgical arm that can often be used to relieve pain for patients suffering from orthopedic conditions, such as arthritis of the knee.

The Mako platform uses advanced 3D CT-based planning software, which allows your orthopedic surgeon to see more about your anatomy before the procedure begins. With this added information, they can create a personalized joint replacement surgical plan. Your surgeon will use this 3D model throughout the procedure to perform the knee replacement.

Your surgeon will guide the Mako's robotic arm during the surgery to position the implant in the knee joint. Mako SmartRobotics does not perform the surgery, make decisions about the procedure on its own or move without the surgeon's guidance.

The Mako platform is only being used for hip replacements at Johnston Memorial Hospital.


Common benefits associated with the Mako robotic-assisted arm surgical system include:

Added precision – Due to the smaller instruments and predefined plan, your surgeon has a lot more control over the procedure.

Less pain – In clinical studies, patients who had a partial knee replacement with the Mako experienced less pain in the days and weeks following their surgery than those who had a conventional knee replacement.

Less tissue damage – In laboratory studies for total knee replacement, Mako enabled surgeons to execute surgical plans more accurately, protecting soft tissue and ligaments from damage.

What to expect

Your surgeon will talk with you about what options are available for your procedure.

If robotic-assisted surgery is right for you, your care team will set your appointment and give you any information you need before your surgery date.

The process for preparing for robotic-assisted surgery is the same as a traditional procedure.


Find out if robotic-assisted joint replacement is right for you

Speak with your orthopedic physician about your personal care plan and see if joint replacement is the best choice for your care.