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Orthopedic Surgery


If you become injured or were born with a bone or joint problem, ask your doctor if orthopedic surgery can help.

When you decide to get surgery at a Ballad Health hospital, you’ll benefit from close, personal attention and expert staff who help you stay safe and recover successfully.

Orthopedic surgical treatments

Before prescribing surgery, a doctor will likely use an imaging test to diagnose your condition.

He or she may tell you to start with conservative, nonsurgical care – such as physical therapy, splints or medicine.

But if those treatments aren’t right for your condition, your doctor may recommend one of these surgeries:

  • Debridement – Removes dead tissue or loose pieces of bone or cartilage that cause pain
  • Fracture repair – Uses screws, pins or rods to hold a broken bone in place so it can heal
  • Nerve repair – Helps a muscle work better and restores feeling to an injured area
  • Spine surgery – Treats ongoing back pain
  • Tendon repair – Fixes torn tissue that attaches muscle to bone so a joint can move more fully

Minimally invasive joint surgery (arthroscopy)

A surgeon might perform your procedure arthroscopically – by making tiny incisions, or cuts in the skin, and then sliding a tube with a miniature video camera into an injured joint.

The camera shows the inside of your body so the surgeon doesn’t have to make large incisions to see inside. That means you’ll experience less pain and scarring and recover sooner after surgery.

Robotic-assisted joint replacement

Ballad Health offers robotic-assisted surgery as an option for partial and full knee replacements in many of our facilities.

Robotic-assisted surgery gives your surgeon the most precise tools available to perform delicate procedures with smaller incisions and better outcomes.

Learn more about robotic-assisted surgery.

Care for all your bones & joints

Orthopedic surgeons at Ballad Health perform a variety of procedures on almost any joint or bone:

  • Feet and ankles – Achilles tendon repair, ankle replacement (at Johnson City Medical Center), bunion removal, plantar fascia surgery
  • Hand – Carpal tunnel release, Dupuytren’s contracture surgery and other treatments at The Hand Center at Bristol Regional Medical Center, Johnston Memorial Hospital and at the Sullivan Center in Kingsport
  • HipHip fracture repair, hip replacement, hip resurfacing
  • Knee – ACL repair, meniscus repair or removal, knee replacement
  • Shoulder – Rotator cuff repair, shoulder replacement, surgery for shoulder impingement


After surgery, physical therapy and other rehabilitation services help you reduce pain and get moving again safely. That helps you return to your daily activities as soon as possible.

Learn more

To find out more about orthopedic surgery in East Tennessee or Southwest Virginia, please call Ballad Health at:

If the hospital closest to you isn’t listed above, please call (423) 431-6937 for more information.