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Hip Fracture Program


If you fall and break a hip in East Tennessee or Southwest Virginia, work toward recovery at Bristol Regional Medical Center, Holston Valley Medical Center, Johnson City Medical Center, Johnston Memorial Hospital and Smyth County Community Hospital.

Through our hip fracture program, you’ll find the region’s most specialized services for senior citizens with a broken hip.

Trust us to help you get your hip surgery sooner and start physical therapy earlier – so you spend less time in the hospital and regain as much independence as possible.

Team of caregivers

You heal best with support from a team. That’s why you get access to a variety of providers who specialize in treating elderly people who broke a hip.

Those caregivers include experts such as:

  • Board-certified orthopedic surgeons – Repair fractured hips
  • Physical therapists – Teach exercises and stretches that can make you stronger and more flexible
  • Occupational therapists – Show you how to more easily do daily tasks, sometimes with special tools or equipment
  • Registered nurses – Tend to your day-to-day health needs
  • Pharmacists – Prepare and provide the medicines your doctor ordered
  • Social worker / case managers – Help coordinate care during and after your hospital stay
  • Your primary care provider

Treating hip fractures

You’ll likely need surgery. A surgeon will evaluate your fracture and determine the correct procedure for your injury. Medicine may be prescribed to ease your pain.

Following surgery, physical therapy will help you slowly and safely start moving again.

Your doctor also might ask an occupational therapist to work with you.

Your recovery

During your short stay in the hospital, your care team will help you decide where to go next.

You might:

  • Return home and take advantage of home health services
  • Stay in the hospital to benefit from inpatient rehabilitation and round-the-clock nursing care
  • Transfer to a transitional care unit or a skilled nursing facility, where health care professionals are always nearby to help

Wherever you go, we’ll work with your caregivers to make sure you keep getting therapy and other services you need.

Learn more

To find out more about Ballad Health’s hip fracture program, you can call:

  • Bristol Regional joint program – (423) 844-4308
  • Holston Valley orthopedic services – Jamie Moore, (423) 224-5559
  • Johnson City Medical Center hip fracture program – Misty Jenkins, (423) 431-6937
  • Johnston Memorial orthopedic services – Emily Nutter, (276) 258-3453
  • Laughlin / Greeneville Orthopedic Clinic – Ann Neal, (423) 431-2376
  • Smyth County Community orthopedic services – Nicole Reasor, (276) 378-2063

If the hospital closest to you isn’t listed above, please call (423) 431-6937 for more information.