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Areas Where You Can Make a Difference

Niswonger Children's Hospital in the day time

Visualization of the proposed two-story addition to Niswonger Children's Hospital

Ballad Health Foundation supports a number of different causes that have helped countless patients and families here in our region.

You can make a difference by directing your gift to a cause that’s meaningful for you, such as:

  • Niswonger Children’s Network
  • Niswonger Children's Hospital Expansion
  • Kingsport Center for Women and Babies
  • Children’s Miracle Network
  • Cancer patient assistance
  • Hospice care
  • Community health

Learn about these and more worthy areas of support below.

Niswonger Children’s Network

The Ballad Health Niswonger Children's Network is a regional system of care that marks the next phase in high standards of healthcare and well-being – and the start of brighter futures – for children across the Appalachian Highlands.

The Niswonger Children's Network is launching and sponsoring healthcare and community outreach programs throughout our region to deliver high-quality care for all children beyond just our hospital walls.

The Niswonger Health Network Fund

We're proud to say that the people of our region have always stood ready to help local children receive the care they need. They did so in 2009 when our community came together to build Niswonger Children's Hospital, and they do the same today – through their generous support of the Niswonger Fund.

The Niswonger Health Network Fund provides the resources that help produce healthy outcomes for our region's children. The fund ensures that children of the Appalachian Highlands have access to the best possible facilities, equipment, programs and personnel to meet their healthcare needs.


Niswonger Children's Hospital Expansion


Niswonger Children's Hospital is the region's only hospital dedicated to babies, children and teens.

The Ballad Health Foundation is actively seeking community partners who will help us underwrite the cost of constructing the $29 million two-story addition on top of Niswonger Children's Hospital. This addition will support children and mothers through the creation of a Regional Center for Perinatal and Neonatal Care, as well as a Regional Center for Pediatric Specialties.

All donations can help provide a longstanding impact on our region. Investment in the $50,000 to $5 million range can receive permanent recognition within named spaces in the hospital.

Kingsport Center for Women and Babies

The conversion of Indian Path Community Hospital into a specialty hospital for women and babies is a vital priority of Ballad Health.

The foundation is working with philanthropically-minded business and community leaders to secure up to $10 million to complete and equip a better place for mothers and babies in Kingsport.

In addition to the Barbara Humphrey's Family Birthing Center, this facility will also house a new pediatric emergency department for the Kingsport community.

We appreciate any and all support from our community to help us reach our goal in this project. Ballad Health will recognize donors in the $50,000 to $5 million range with permanent named spaces within the facility.

Ready to make a difference?

Your donation can have a tremendous impact on our local women and children.

Ballad Health is committed to enriching healthcare for all our communities. Donate now to help us reach our goal.

If you have a question about your donation or the giving process, call us at (423) 302-3131

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals affiliate

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is a national network of nearly 200 leading children’s hospitals dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children.

In our area, Niswonger Children’s Hospital is the regional affiliate of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Residents across Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia open their hearts each year, donating thousands of dollars through Children’s Miracle Network.

Supporting children’s care here at home

All money raised locally stays in our local communities to support children’s care at Ballad Health hospitals, as well as the deserving community organizations working to meet our children’s needs.

Donations through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals ensure our region’s children continue to benefit from a range of specialized services, including:

  • New equipment and technologies at Ballad’s regional facilities
  • Capital expansion projects
  • Extended children’s services
  • Research programs for children
  • Children’s health education initiatives
  • Special children’s clinics

Your gift to Niswonger Children’s Hospital will help sustain and expand dedicated care for the children of your community.

Cancer patient assistance

Being diagnosed with cancer is life changing.

The Circle of Hope fund, founded in 1987, is here to make things a little easier for patients during their time of need. In fact, it has provided financial assistance to hundreds of patients during their treatments.

The funds are often used for expenses associated with cancer care – gas vouchers, taxi fares, non-covered medications, nutritional expenses and personal care items. The Circle of Hope has also paid for electric or other important bills, depending on the patients’ greatest needs.

Patients meet eligibility criteria, such as financial need and compliance with their treatment plans, to be eligible to receive Circle of Hope assistance.

Ballad Health’s cancer centers have other needs for patients in the form of equipment and supplies. Community assistance will allow us to better serve patient needs and provide patients with a better experience during their care.

Helping Hands program

For many patients and their loved ones, an illness or health problem is more than a physical diagnosis. It can mean a financial crisis that adds additional stress to an already challenging time.

Helping Hands provides extra resources for patients and families who may need financial help while receiving medical care.

The program has been there to assist patients and families through gas vouchers, assistance with medications, providing an overnight stay for an out of town family member and meal vouchers for family members who cannot afford unexpected costs of meals during a family member’s hospitalization.

Hospice program

Our hospice patients and their families often have needs that aren’t covered by traditional medical insurance.

You can help ease a family’s journey by donating to the Ballad Health Foundation Hospice Program, which helps families with needs that arise during hospice care.

One elderly patient recently received assistance with repairing his air conditioner during the hot summer months, making him more comfortable during his last days.

Community Health Fund

The Community Health Fund supports Ballad Health’s vision for community health transformation.

By supporting this fund, you can join with us to help our communities:

  • Reduce rates of tobacco use
  • Increase physical activity
  • Decrease obesity rates
  • Reduce substance abuse
  • Reduce the rate of babies born addicted to drugs (NAS)

…and many other initiatives.

Support a hospital or area of care

You may wish to give because of a positive experience you or a loved one had while in our care.

Or perhaps you simply wish to advance the work of a specific hospital or area of care such as heart care or cancer care.

We’ll be happy to help you direct your gift to the cause that’s closest to your heart.

Support your favorite cause today

There are many ways to make a gift – through honorary and memorial gifts, planned giving and more. Learn more about the ways you can donate.

Make a Gift Online Now

Or call us at (423) 230-8550 or (423) 302-3131 and find out how we can make a difference together.