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Research at Ballad Health

A leader in clinical research and innovative technology

At Ballad Health, we're working to honor those we serve by engaging in clinical research that advances medical science and pushes the boundaries of what is possible through services, treatments and technology.

Our network of clinicians and researchers are nationally-recognized leaders in their fields, and they're working to create better outcomes for patients.

Ballad Health participates in several large-scale, industry-sponsored, multi-center trials and treatments that benefit our community.

Our vision for rural healthcare

Ballad Health has developed an exceptional research organization that's working to study and improve individual, community and regional health by increasing our knowledge and understanding of relevant ideas through data. Ballad Health Research is proud to work in a highly regulated industry – using knowledge, ethics and science as our guide.

We're dedicated to providing consistent supervision and management of system-wide clinical research while ensuring regulatory compliance and fiscal responsibility.

We're focused on our goal of enriching our community through clinical research, ensuring that all Ballad Health patients are receiving the most effective care possible.

“Research ensures that our patients are given access to some of the cutting edge, leading technology. It gives our team the opportunity to learn and then share that knowledge with the rest of the medical world. And it all starts here.”

– Alan Levine, Executive Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer for Ballad Health

Ballad Health supports principal investigators in a variety of specialties throughout our system.

Clinical trials at Ballad Health

Ballad Health is committed to offering cutting-edge clinical research trials and treatments to patients in our communities. Over the past several years, we've consistently been a top enroller in the United States for many of our clinical trials.

Ballad Health has dozens of active clinical trials available throughout the Appalachian Highlands.

View our full list of ongoing clinical trials.

Enhancing rural health research through collaboration

Our researchers are nationally recognized innovators who are working to improve rural healthcare by expanding access to advanced clinical research and treatments.

To ensure we're meeting this goal, we've collaborated with clinical leaders throughout the country. These collaborators have allowed us to continue to offer the best care possible for members of our region.

Understanding rural healthcare

Ballad Health is partnering with Harvard Medical School and East Tennessee State University on an independent study examining health in rural America. This work will help provide a more comprehensive understanding of health and healthcare in regions like ours.

This partnership follows a collaboration between Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, the Tennessee Legislature and Ballad Health to create the Center for Rural Health Research at ETSU – a multidisciplinary institute for research impacting rural health.

ETSU and Ballad Health have also announced the development of the Strong BRAIN institute to study adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and help combat their negative effects.

World-class cardiovascular care

Ballad Health has earned recognition through countless accolades and honors for our exceptional cardiology programs.

Holston Valley Medical Center was the only United States hospital selected as a demonstration site for the 2021 Leipzig Interventional Course (LINC).

In 2021, Holston Valley Medical Center began hosting the first clinical trial case in the U.S. for a CGuard™ Embolic Protection System carotid artery stent. This technology works to improve stroke prevention for patients.

The cardiac catheterization lab at HVMC has also been selected as a participating site for live procedures for the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) conference, the nation's largest interventional cardiology meeting.

The fight against COVID-19

In collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Ballad Health worked to research treatment options for patients with severe cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). This research worked to examine the role that antibodies had in treating COVID-19.

Ballad Health also launched the Center for Post-COVID Care – the first of its kind in the region – to provide a full spectrum of services to patients struggling with post-COVID symptoms. This resource is only made possible by our continued research into COVID-19 and its long-term effects.

Contact us

In pursuing our research goals, Ballad Health is always looking for new partners. Are you interested in working with us? Do you have questions about our research team, facilities or clinical trials?

Reach out to us at or (423) 230-5615 and we'll be happy to help.

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