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Report to Our Communities

As a not-for-profit, private entity, Ballad Health seeks to be socially responsible and to consistently meet the needs of the Appalachian Highlands.

In our new Report to Our Communities, we provide details about our health system, its mission and steps we’ve taken in the three years since its creation to further the public benefit.

book iconPlease download the full report and detailed information here [PDF, 7.53 MB].

As demonstrated in this report, Ballad Health has:

  • reduced the cost of healthcare by hundreds of millions of dollars annually
  • maintained and improved access to healthcare in rural communities
  • attracted more than 287 new providers to our region
  • begun investing in services that will enhance the well-being of our most vulnerable citizens

…all while upholding our fiduciary responsibilities to our bondholders.

Quote: "Since its creation, Ballad Health has been, and continues to be, a proactive community partner dedicated to improving the overall health and well-being of the nearly 947,000 people in the Appalachian Highlands." Alan Levine, chairman and CEO

We hope this Report to Our Communities is informative, as it attempts to detail the work being done to create a sustainable rural health delivery model while setting high standards for environmental, social and governance responsibilities.

This inaugural Report to Our Communities reflects activities from February 2018 through December 2020. Going forward, the region can expect an annual update to this report, so we can keep our stakeholders informed with facts about how their healthcare system is performing.