Observation & Shadowing at Ballad Health

Thank you for your interest in observation, also known as job shadowing, with Ballad Health.

Ballad Health provides students who are preparing to enter the medical field an opportunity to observe a healthcare employee in a specific setting.

Observation requirements

Minimum requirements

Applicants must be age sixteen (16) or older. If under eighteen (18), parent/guardian consent will be required.

For patient, staff and observer safety; the observer will meet Ballad’s minimum work requirements at the observer’s expense including:

  • Review online student orientation information
  • Review and sign confidentiality form
  • Provide copy of driver’s license
  • Obtain a student observer ID badge


Sponsors are healthcare professionals who have agreed to allow you to observe them.

Observation experiences are limited to no more than 80 hours per sponsoring healthcare provider during a one year period.

Ballad Health will not provide the names of potential sponsors. It is the responsibility of the student to secure a sponsor and all required signatures.


All requests for observation/job shadowing must be received four to six weeks prior to the observation day(s).


Requests are considered on an individual basis. Ballad Health is not obligated to honor all requests.

Approval of the request is at the discretion of the facility chief medical officer, with consideration of the facility’s staffing resources, the nature of the patient population and the procedures performed. Applicants must provide a brief essay explaining their interest in healthcare to include their expectation from the experience.

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Contact our academic team at academics@balladhealth.org for additional information.