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Stroke Care Patient Stories

John Roberts portrait photo, head and shoulders

John Roberts, Stroke Survivor

When John Roberts had a stroke, he was right in the middle of a heart cath procedure.  His family says thanks to divine intervention, a neurologist happened to be at the hospital that day and diagnosed a massive stroke. Within minutes John was rushed to Johnson City Medical Center where a new stroke treatment procedure was saving lives.  There was just one problem: John’s family was told it isn’t usually recommended for people over 70. John was 87… Read the rest of John's story and watch his Life Saved video here.

Judy Briscoe portrait photo, head and shoulders

Judy Briscoe, Stroke Survivor 

Like she did every day, Judy Briscoe went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for her husband, Bill, and herself. The couple sat down and held hands as they said the blessing.  During the prayer, Judy’s hand dropped from Bill’s and hung by her side. Bill looked at his wife and knew something was very, very wrong…. Read the rest of Judy's story and watch her Life Saved video here.

David McGlamery portrait photo, head and shoulders

David McGlamery, Stroke Survivor

David McGlamery worked his shift at the fire department, just like any other day. He got home early in the morning, while his wife Lisa was still sleeping. As he usually did, he took a shower, and then came into the bedroom – and that’s when everything changed… Read the rest of David's story and watch his Life Saved video here.

Bruce Cocke portrait photo, head and shoulders

Bruce Cocke, Stroke Survivor 

At 62 years old, Bruce Cocke was busy working and raising cattle. He was so healthy he hadn’t seen a doctor in 17 years. Then one Sunday morning he got out of bed and went to the kitchen to get coffee. By the time he walked into the living room, his wife had noticed something was “off.” When she asked if he was okay, he looked at her without speaking and collapsed onto the floor… Read the rest of Bruce's story and watch his Life Saved video here. 

Jimmy Smiley portrait photo, head and shoulders

Jimmy Smiley, Stroke Survivor

It was an ordinary day at work for Jimmy Smiley when all of a sudden he started sweating and felt weak.  Nauseated, he put his head down. As a diabetic, he thought it was just his blood sugar out of whack. He checked and his blood sugar was fine, so he decided to go home. That’s when things got worse… Read the rest of Jimmy's story and watch his Life Saved video here.