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Level One Heart Attack Network


Important: If you think you might be experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack or similar emergency, call 911 immediately.

About the Level One Heart Attack Network

Emergency medical services providers across the Tri-Cities and the surrounding Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia region have joined Ballad Health’s Level One Heart Attack Network.

This special network – the only one of its kind in our region – is designed to improve access to rapid treatment of heart attacks caused by the blockage of a heart artery, which is called an ST-elevation myocardial infarction or STEMI.

LOHAN = faster treatment = more lives saved

Research indicates heart attack patients have a much greater chance of recovering fully if treated within 90 minutes, as recommended by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association.

Often referred to as “door-to-balloon” time, this 90-minutes-or-less timeframe covers the period between when patients arrive at the hospital “door” and the time their blocked arteries are opened back up.

That’s why the Level One Heart Attack Network is so important.

Through local EMS partnerships, the Level One Heart Attack Network is dramatically reducing door-to-balloon times, which helps minimize the damage caused by heart attacks, save the lives of more heart attack patients and increase the chances for full recovery.

LOHAN and Mission: Lifeline

The American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline program is a national initiative to advance care processes for patients with heart attacks by closing gaps that might keep them from receiving timely access to heart attack treatments, including cardiac catheterization.

Participation in Mission: Lifeline as a registered STEMI network represents a Level One Heart Attack Network commitment that has actually resulted in door-to-balloon times as fast as 16 minutes at Ballad hospitals, a milestone that far exceeds the AHA’s 90-minute goal.

EMS training and technology

Special training is available to participating EMS providers and emergency department staff members through the Ballad cardiovascular team.

Also, the ambulances of participating crews are equipped with 12-lead EKG machines, which are made possible by donations to Ballad Health Foundation.

Specialized treatment before reaching the hospital

Once EMS teams have been trained and equipped with the 12-lead EKGs, they can provide detailed heart readings from the ambulance – or even from inside a patient’s home.

Those heart readings can be sent remotely for analysis by emergency department physicians.

This means that the Level One Heart Attack Network allows patients to begin receiving high-quality heart care before they ever arrive at the hospital.

LOHAN-participating EMS agencies

Many local EMS providers participate in the Level One Heart Attack Network, including:

  • Abingdon Ambulance Service – five stations
  • Ambulance Service of Bristol
  • Appalachia Fire Department
  • Big Stone Gap Rescue
  • Bland County Rescue Squad
  • Bristol Lifesaving Crew
  • Bristol Tenn. Fire Department
  • Castlewood Fire and Rescue
  • Chilhowie Ambulance Service – two stations
  • Chilhowie Fire and Rescue
  • Church Hill EMS – four stations
  • Cleveland Lifesaving Crew
  • Clintwood Volunteer Rescue Squad
  • Damascus Volunteer Rescue Squad
  • Dante Rescue
  • Davenport LifeSaving Crew
  • Dickenson County Ambulance Service – two stations
  • Duffield Fire and Rescue – three stations
  • Eastman Chemical Company
  • Friendship Ambulance Service – three stations
  • Glade Spring LifeSaving Crew
  • Greene County EMS – four stations
  • Hancock County Ambulance Service
  • Hawkins County EMS – two stations
  • Haysi Rescue Squad
  • Johnson County Rescue Squad
  • Jonesville Rescue Squad
  • Keokee Rescue Squad
  • Lebanon Lifesaving Crew
  • Lifecare Ambulance Service – two stations
  • Marion Lifesaving Crew
  • New Garden Rescue
  • Nickelsville Rescue Squad
  • Norton Rescue
  • Oakwood Fire and Rescue
  • Pound Rescue Squad
  • Richlands Fire and Rescue
  • Scott County Lifesaving Crew – two stations
  • Sullivan County EMS – eight stations
  • Smyth County Ambulance Service
  • Thomas Walker Volunteer Rescue Squad
  • Washington County Fire and Rescue #1
  • Washington County Virginia Lifesaving Crew
  • Wise Rescue
  • Wythe County Rescue Squad

Air ambulance services serving the region participate in LOHAN as well, including:

  • Air Evac 33
  • Air Evac 88
  • Air Evac 109
  • Med-Flight II
  • WellmontOne Air Transport
  • Wings 1
  • Wings 2
  • Wings 3
  • Wings 4

Join LOHAN – for your crew and your patients

There is no downside to EMS agencies partnering with the Level One Heart Attack Network. Your team will receive specialized training, and your patients will receive the fastest treatment for heart attacks available anywhere in our region.

For more information

If you represent an EMS agency and would like to learn more about becoming a part of the Level One Heart Attack Network, please call 423-224-6162.

On-site presentations

Also, Ballad experts such as Dr. Herb Ladley and Leslie Bishop, RT(R), RCIS, are available to speak to you and your staff about the network. To schedule a presentation, please call the number above.

Having heart trouble now?

Again – call 911 right away if you think there’s even a chance you’re having a heart attack, stroke or similar emergency.

These conditions are very serious and potentially fatal. Please do not hesitate to get medical help.