Family Medicine Residents – Big Stone Gap

Meet the current residents in the Family Medicine Residency Program.


Shaine Powers DO 3rd year

Shaine Powers, D.O.
Lincoln Memorial University – DCOM

photo: Dr. Henry Hartsoe portrait, head and shoulders

Henry Hartsoe, D.O.
Lincoln Memorial University – DCOM

photo: Dr. Erick Larson portrait, head and shoulders

Erick Larson, D.O.
University of Oklahoma

Aubrey Chow MD 3rd year

Aubrey Chow, M.D.
Saint James School of Medicine in Anguilla

photo: Dr. Kurtis Wilson portrait, head and shoulders

Kurtis Wilson, M.D.
University of Pikeville KYCOM


Marvi Baloch MD 2nd year

Marvi Baloch, M.D.
Ziauddin University

Abraham Butler MD 2nd year

Abraham Butler, M.D.
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Ashley Jackson DO 2nd year

Ashley Jackson, D.O.
Lincoln Memorial University – DCOM

Nikunj Patel MD 2nd year

Nikunj Patel, M.D.

Thiveya Sathiyasselan MD 2nd year

Thiveya Sathiyaseelan, M.D.
Aureus School of Medicine

Mufis Shaikh MD 2nd year

Mufis Shaikh, M.D.
M.P. Shah Medical College


Marium Ali MD 1st year

Marium Ali, M.D.
Baqai Medical University, Pakistan

Swathi Muddasani MD 1st year

Swathi Muddasani, M.D.

Roshni Patel MD 1st year

Roshni Patel, M.D.

Eric Raby DO 1st year

Eric Raby, D.O.
Lincoln Memorial University – DCOM

Duncan Rhoad DO 1st year

Duncan Rhoad, D.O.
University of Pikeville KYCOM

Tabeer Shaikh MD 1st year

Tabeer Shaikh, M.D.
Aureus University School of Medicine

Testimonials from our residents

Hear what some of our residents have to say about the program:

“This is the best place to be trained to become a family physician. The program mainly focuses on rural communities, but it also fully prepares you to practice in all settings. This place feels like home, surrounded by highly competent faculty, supportive colleagues, knowledgeable peers, and friendly staff. It has the perfect work-life balance, which means I can come home and spend time with my family. And not to mention the breathtaking views of the mountains which help relax your mind from the daily hustle.”
     – Dr. Mufish Shaikh, PGY-2

“I love this program because a residency program is only as good as its people – and the people here are a family, watching out for one another and doing the good work we are called to do.”
     – Dr. Jeff Carter, PGY-3

“Our program sets a strong foundation in family medicine but allows you to focus on your career goals with great mentorship from the faculty and staff, which always have your best interests in mind.”
     – Dr. Laura Hernandez-Cruz, PGY-3