Diabetes Care & Education


If your body can’t fully control the amount of sugar in your blood, you have diabetes.

Get help managing the condition from Ballad Health’s diabetologists (diabetes doctors) and certified diabetes educators in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. You’ll find the tools you need to live better and healthier.

Recognized by the American Diabetes Association

Take advantage of diabetes education programs recognized by the American Diabetes Association at:

Our recognition means you can trust us to:

  • Learn your diabetes education needs
  • Help you set goals and make a plan for meeting them
  • Provide qualified staff to teach and support you

Managing Diabetes

Ask your doctor to refer you to a diabetes management class where dietitians (nutrition experts), nurses and certified diabetes educators teach you and your family about topics such as:

  • Living a healthy lifestyle by exercising, planning nutritious meals and reducing stress
  • Tracking your blood sugar and using an insulin pump
  • Checking your feet regularly to prevent small wounds from getting worse
  • Taking medicines the right way
  • Reducing diabetes’ long-term effects, which include other health conditions

If a class doesn’t work for your schedule, ask for one-on-one counseling with a dietitian or diabetes educator.

Hospital Diabetes Care

When you’re in the hospital, your care team can help you:

  • Control your blood sugar, sometimes using our Glucommander tool that alerts staff when your level is too high or low so we can respond quickly
  • Learn how to manage your disease
  • Make appointments for care after you leave the hospital
  • Meet with doctors who treat health issues related to diabetes, such as vision problems, heart disease or an increased risk of stroke

Support & Community Resources

Find encouragement and advice in a support group for people with diabetes. Help your community learn more about diabetes, too.

Please call 423-844-2950 or 423-224-3575 to ask a Ballad Health diabetes educator to speak at your workplace, civic group, senior center, church, school or health fair.