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Bristol Regional Pharmacy Residency Details

Bristol Regional Medical Center pharmacy residency program was established in 2011. The 12-month ASHP post-graduate program is designed to provide two residents each year with the knowledge, abilities, experience and critical thinking skills necessary to become clinical pharmacists in any health system. The program is structured to tailor the learning experience to the individual needs of each resident.

The pharmacy residency provides experience in a variety of settings including direct patient care, medication safety and practice management while also allowing flexibility to meet individualized preferences. 

Upon completion of the program, the resident will be ready to apply his or her skills in direct patient care, exhibit excellent decision-making skills, and provide education and leadership in the care of patients. The resident will also be prepared to enter into a PGY-2 program if desired.

PGY1 program purpose

PGY1 pharmacy residency programs build on Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) education and outcomes to contribute to the development of clinical pharmacists responsible for medication-related care of patients with a wide range of conditions, eligible for board certification, and eligible for postgraduate year two (PGY2) pharmacy residency training.

Residency program requirements

  • Pharmacy degree from an ACPE-accredited college of pharmacy
  • Tennessee pharmacist’s license (pending graduation but no later than September 30 of residency year)

Application requirements

  • All application materials will be accepted through PhORCAS

Completed application packets will be reviewed by members of the Residency Selection Committee to determine the candidates that most closely match the program goals, objectives and opportunities.

Selected candidates will be invited to an on-site interview with the Residency Selection Committee.

Learning experiences


  • Orientation
  • Critical care
  • Family Medicine Inpatient
  • Internal medicine
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Administration
  • Ambulatory Care


  • Advanced Ambulatory care
  • Cardiology
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Oncology infusion center
  • Emergency medicine
  • Academia
  • Nephrology


  • Medication safety / drug information
  • Research project (to be presented at ASHP Midyear and SERC)
  • Staffing (every other weekend)

Learn more

For more information and additional resources:

Ann Hylton, PharmD, BCCCP
Critical Care Clinical Pharmacist
PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program Director