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Spiritual Health Services, Chaplains & Chapels

When you need counsel, discernment and support – our chaplains are here for you.

Our professional hospital chaplains and volunteer chaplains are available to patients and their loved ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is a hospital chaplain?

Professional hospital chaplains are spiritual and pastoral care providers specially trained to be tuned in and sensitive to the needs of those in a hospital or clinical setting.

Their goal is to provide compassionate support and inspire spiritual well-being to people from all walks of life and any faith during times of ease and challenge.

Professional hospital chaplains offer services as varied as connecting a patient with community resources or helping someone renew a relationship with a loved one.

And they provide these services while being mindful of individual differences, always seeking to encourage a healing environment for those being served.

How can a chaplain help?

We’re here to:

  • Listen
  • Pray with you
  • Provide support
  • Encourage you on a spiritual level during grief or loss
  • Provide courage and strength when you are confused or discouraged

We also can reach out to your community church or faith group and connect you with community resources you may need.

Spiritual health is critical to healing

At Ballad Health, we believe spiritual care is an important part of the healing process – and to your overall health.

Being in the hospital can be a challenging time, whether you’re the patient or the patient is someone you love, and whether you’re in crisis, scared or lonely. We are here to offer you hope and assistance in many ways.

Support for most major religions

We also have representatives from most major world religions available to meet the faith needs of our patients from various cultures.

A list of representatives from a variety of religious backgrounds is accessible at all Ballad Health facilities to provide appropriate spiritual/emotional support to all of our patients and families.

How to contact a chaplain – any time, day or night

If you would like to contact a chaplain, ask your nurse or dial 0 at any of our hospitals.

Professional chaplains from our Center for Spiritual Health, as well as our volunteer chaplains, are available at Ballad Health facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Learn how to get involved

Please read about the Center for Spiritual Health for information on how to get involved. 

Visit our classes and programs for information about how to become a chaplain. 

Chapel locations

You can find chapels in the following Ballad Health hospitals:

  • Bristol Regional Medical Center – main entrance level near elevators, on the right side of the cafeteria balcony
  • Franklin Woods Community Hospital – main entrance level across the hall from the cafeteria
  • Greeneville Community Hospital East – fourth floor across from the elevators and ICU
  • Greeneville Community Hospital West – first floor down main entrance hall on the left
  • Hancock County Hospital
  • Hawkins County Memorial Hospital – first floor
  • Holston Valley Medical Center – first-floor hallway between Subway and the radiology department
  • Indian Path Community Hospital – first floor next to the glass window Information area
  • Johnson City Medical Center – second floor to the left of the visitors’ elevator
  • Johnson County Community Hospital – main entrance area to the right of the front door
  • Johnston Memorial Hospital – first floor past the cafeteria toward the cancer center
  • Lonesome Pine Hospital – main entrance area to the left of the front door
  • Mountain View Regional Hospital – main entrance level to the left of the front door
  • Niswonger Children’s Hospital – first-floor lobby area
  • Norton Community Hospital – first-floor lobby area near the water fountain
  • Russell County Hospital – first floor across from the gift shop
  • Smyth County Community Hospital – first floor between the main entrance and emergency department
  • Sycamore Shoals Hospital – first floor near the emergency department
  • Unicoi County Hospital – first floor at the main entrance