Volunteer Chaplain Self-Evaluation

The Ballad Health Volunteer Chaplain Associates involves clergy, seminarians, and selected lay persons of the area in hospital ministry. The following qualifications are used in selecting candidates for this ministry.

Please indicate your rating of yourself on these attributes by making a selection after each question.

1. Listens carefully to others and facilitates their telling of their story.
2. Bears another’s burdens and walks through the valley with people.
3. Appreciates the difficulty other’s burdens feel to them.
4. Cares for people, the “greatest of these is love.”
5. Recognizes the worth of others and puts them first in a “client-centered” manner.
6. Acknowledges we “see through a glass darkly” and “know only in part” and respects the religious views of others.
7. Is slow to judge, knowing those who are without sin may cast the first stone.
8. Is able to hate the sin while still loving the sinner.
9. Can minister in a personally threatening situation without rejecting the patient (e.g., alcoholics, criminals, child abusers, AIDS patients) until a referral can be made.
10. Is ready to move on without being offended if the patient does not seem to want the minister present.
11. Does not appear threatened by religious viewpoints radically different from his/her own.
12. In conflict situations lets people know where s/he stands in a way that does not alienate them.
13. Enables people to sense the gift of forgiveness God conveys through his Word.
14. Knows when referral to a specialist or agency is needed.
15. Believes other religions make a contribution to humanity.
16. Is able to establish rapport with people they are meeting for the first time.
17. Is able to be compassionate, emotionally available, and sensitive to the joys and struggles of others.
18. Is responsible in discharging duties.
19. Makes others feel they are persons of worth.
20. Makes others feel at ease.
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