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Amputation and Rehabilitation Care at Norton Community Hospital

Amputation rehabilitation program

The amputation rehabilitation program is comprehensive program emphasizing getting you mobile again – in weeks, not months.

Limb amputation is a surgical procedure required to preserve and/or enhance life. While it’s a difficult diagnosis to accept, the procedure is often the best alternative to living with disease and discomfort.

Before surgery, our team’s skilled and experienced prosthetist and surgeon work to develop a plan that will result in the best outcome for the patient. We optimize the rehabilitation process for partial weight bearing on a prosthesis within 10 days after a lower-extremity amputation surgery, transitioning to assisted walking (with a walker, cane or crutches) by the time the patient is released home.

In many cases, our innovative team approach enables leg or foot amputees to walk out of our inpatient rehabilitation facility on a new prosthesis (artificial limb) in about two weeks.

Please call (276) 439-1350 to learn about the amputation rehabilitation program at Norton Community Hospital.

New Limb New Life Club

The New Limb New Life Club is designed to support individuals with amputations, as well as their families.

Come receive valuable information and develop skills to help manage day-to-day living and improve quality of life as part of a FREE class.

Please call (276) 439-1350 to sign up for the New Limb New Life Club or for more information.