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Patient Portals


Online Wellness Link (OWL)

Access inpatient records from:

  • Johnson City Medical Center
  • Franklin Woods Community Hospital
  • Niswonger Children’s Hospital
  • Woodridge Hospital
  • Indian Path Hospital
  • Sycamore Shoals Hospital
  • Johnson County Community Hospital
  • Johnston Memorial Hospital
  • Smyth County Community Hospital
  • Russell County Hospital
  • Norton Community Hospital
  • Dickenson Community Hospital


MyChart (Formerly MyWellmont)

Access inpatient and outpatient records from:

  • Bristol Regional Medical Center
  • Greeneville Community Hospital East (formerly Laughlin Memorial)
  • Greeneville Community Hospital West (formerly Takoma Regional)
  • Hancock County Hospital
  • Hawkins County Memorial Hospital
  • Holston Valley Medical Center
  • Lonesome Pine Hospital
  • Mountain View Regional Hospital
  • Takoma Medical Associates
  • Unicoi County Hospital
  • Wellmont CVA Heart Institute
  • Wellmont Medical Associates
  • Wellmont Urgent Care



Follow My Health (MSMG)

Access outpatient records from:

  • Mountain States Medical Group


Patient portals and API health record access

Ballad Health is committed to your healthcare. With our patient portals and their ability to interface to third party API application, we allow you to manage your health by accessing your health records in a convenient manner.

If you are enrolled in one of our portals – MyChart, FollowMyHealth or OWL – you have the ability to access your information directly through the portal or through a third-party healthcare app of your choice.

Available application

Ballad Health’s electronic medical record is currently connected with Medlio. Medlio is a third-party app that allows you to access, aggregate, manage and share your medical records and health information across multiple providers on your smartphone. Medlio can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play.

Connecting to your data through Medlio

  • Establish a MyChart, FollowMyHealth, or OWL patient portal account
  • Create a user account on the Medlio app
  • Within the Medlio app, search for Ballad Health
  • Use your patient portal credentials to authorize the import of your health records to Medlio

My healthcare app is not listed

If you have an app other than Medlio that you would like to use to access your records, provide us with information about you and the healthcare app you are interested in using.

Frequently asked questions

What if I don’t want my information shared with other apps?

You can still access our patient portal to retrieve your health information. We will not share your information with a third-party app without your permission.

Is my healthcare data protected if I share my information with other apps?

If you choose to share your health information with a compatible healthcare app, then the information may no longer be subject to the federal medical privacy law known as HIPAA and certain other privacy laws. The healthcare app vendor may further use or disclose your health information for purposes other than providing the app.

We recommend that you review any healthcare app’s Terms of Use and privacy policy before sharing your health information with the app.

Whom can I contact for technical support?

Ballad Health does not provide technical support for third-party healthcare apps. You would need to contact the app’s customer service department.