Manage Your Family’s Care with MyChart

Gain access to your family’s health records

If you legally manage the health and wellness of other members of your family, you can use MyChart to view their health records, request appointments, send messages to their provider and more through proxy access.

You can request Proxy access if you are a: 

  • Parent or legal guardian
  • Healthcare agent or health care power of attorney for a patient who is unable to make decisions about health care
  • Conservator
  • Authorized adult

To request access, download our MyChart Proxy Request and Authorization form and return your completed form to your Ballad Health provider or your nearest Ballad Health urgent care. 

Download the MyChart Proxy Request and Authorization form [PDF, 144 KB]

How does proxy access work?

Proxy access allows you to communicate securely with your family member's provider and view their health records.

  • You must have a current MyChart account to have a proxy.
  • You can only request this access by filling out one of the forms below and bringing it to your Ballad Health provider or a Ballad Health urgent care.

The features available through MyChart's proxy access vary depending on the patient's age and circumstances.

Accessing a child’s MyChart account

Children under the age of 18 are not able to have their own MyChart account. As their parent or guardian, you can request access their records and MyChart's features by submitting a child proxy access form.

Proxy access is automatically revoked once a patient reaches the age of 18, as they are now eligible for their own MyChart account.

You can download the form by clicking the link below. Completed forms must be returned to your Ballad Health provider or you nearest Ballad Health urgent care.

Per state law – for children between the ages of 12 and 17 – only limited MyChart functionality is available.*

*If your child is between the ages of 12 and 17 and has special needs, you can request full access to their account by calling 1-866-517-5873. This requires verification by your physician.

Accessing an adult or senior’s MyChart account

Adult proxy access provides the ability to manage the care of a patient who is 18 years of age or older. Patients can request access to an adult or senior's MyChart account by submitting a proxy access form.

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If you have any questions about MyChart, you can view our MyChart FAQ page for more information.

For any other questions or assistance, you can call us at (866) 517-5873.