Monday, Oct 25, 2021

Ballad Health Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Alan Levine to testify before United States House of Representatives' Committees

Ballad Health Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Alan Levine has been asked to testify before the United States House of Representatives’ Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

The Subcommittee is conducting a legislative hearing titled “Caring for America: Legislation to support Patients, Caregivers, and Providers.” Levine is one of seven witnesses who will provide testimony during the session, and his comments will focus on the resiliency of the healthcare workforce, the critical nature of the national nursing shortage, the impact of the workforce issues on rural and non-urban communities and Ballad Health’s success with value-based care, which has reduced the cost of healthcare by $200 million annually while helping reduce the burden on the workforce.

Read Levine’s written testimony.

The hearing begins at 10:30 a.m., and Levine will speak between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Watch a livestream of the hearing.

Legislation being considered during the hearing includes:

  • H.R. 1474, the "Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Act"
  • H.R. 1667, the "Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act"
  • H.R. 3297, the "Public Health Workforce Loan Repayment Act of 2021"
  • H.R. 3320, the "Allied Health Workforce Diversity Act of 2021"
  • H.R. 5583, the "Helping Enable Access to Lifesaving Services Act" or the "HEALS Act"
  • H.R. 5594, the "Enhancing Community Health Workforce Act"
  • H.R. 5602, the "Bolstering Infectious Outbreaks Preparedness Workforce Act of 2021" or the "BIO Preparedness Workforce Act of 2021"

Learn more about the Committee’s activities.