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If an injury threatens your life, an organ or a limb, you need trauma care.

Find timely treatment at Ballad Health’s Level I and Level II trauma centers in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

No matter how bad your injury is, you’ll get help from doctors and nurses experienced in treating people like you.

Level I Trauma Centers

Holston Valley Medical Center and Johnson City Medical Center are Level I trauma centers – the highest level possible.

That means you can count on:

  • A trauma doctor who’s always in the emergency room
  • Surgeons and specialists available all the time 
  • Full range of surgical services to treat injuries anywhere in your body
  • Lab and imaging technology that quickly shows where and how you’re hurt
  • Intensive care unit, where staff watch over you around the clock

Level II Trauma Center

Bristol Regional Medical Center is a Level II trauma center – and one of only two in Tennessee.

Trust the Bristol Regional trauma center to provide:

  • General surgeons ready all the time to care for you
  • 24/7 availability of many other types of surgeons and specialists
  • Staff who can help you get to a Level I Trauma Center if you need it

Follow-up Care

After trauma care, rehabilitation helps the injured part of your body start to work again and feel better. A social worker or case manager can guide you to other services and resources that ease your recovery after you leave the hospital.

Preventing Injuries

Watch for a Ballad Health program at your child’s school or a community event teaching how to stay safe at play, at home and on the road.

Or call (423) 224-5826 or (423) 844-2107 to schedule a Trauma Nurses Talk Tough session that covers:

  • Seatbelt safety
  • Helmet use during bicycling and skating
  • Dangers of speeding and driving when you can’t stay alert or pay full attention

Ballad Health nurses can tailor the program to children or adults.