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Your Personal Health Survey & Team Member Wellness Program

Ballad Health team members and their covered spouses participating in the Ballad Health Choice Plan for medical insurance can get a significant savings on premiums by participating in our voluntary wellness plan.

How to participate

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Step 1 – Take an online personal health survey.

Here are links to the team member survey and to the covered spouse survey:

Step 2 – Get your lab work and biometrics done.

Free screenings are scheduled in all four of our Ballad Health markets at various facilities so you can conveniently complete them.

You can find the wellness program screening schedule on the Benefits page of the Ballad Health intranet here. (You must be using a computer on the Ballad Health network to access the intranet.)

Step 3 – Go online to get your screening results.

Step 4 – Talk on the phone to a health coach about your results.

As long as you complete the personal health survey and get your health screening by July 26, you’ll receive a discounted rate for your premium.

Once you get your results, you’ll be expected to follow up with your health coach for a phone session, but that can be completed after the July 26 deadline.

Learn more

Read more about the wellness program on the Ballad Health News.

Or reach out to a wellness coach at 1-888-314-7803.