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PEERhelp Certified Peer Recovery Helpline

What is PEERhelp?

There is hope. There is help.

Calls to the peer line are answered by Certified Peer Recovery Specialists who have experienced substance use issues and mental health challenges in their lives.

Our Certified Peer Recovery Specialists have a deep understanding of what you are going through and are here to provide emotional support, comfort and referrals to resources.

All calls are strictly confidential.

How can PEERhelp help you?

Call PEERhelp if you’re experiencing:

  • Substance use issues
  • The need for recovery support
  • Life challenging issues
  • Problems with family or friends
  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Other emotional or mental health challenges

Call for help today

Talk to someone who’s been where you are, contact us:


  • Monday through Friday
  • Noon to 10 p.m.

If you are in crisis or considering suicide, call the 24-Hour Respond Crisis Hotline – 800-366-1132.


If you are interested in becoming a PEERhelp volunteer with Ballad Health, please complete this application:

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