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Woman using microscope in a laboratory
Woman using microscope in a laboratory
Pharmacy, laboratory and pathology services at Ballad Health

Pharmacy & Lab Services


Ballad Health offers a network of convenient pharmacy locations and testing labs to serve your healthcare needs.

Whether you need access to your medication, a routine immunization or blood work, you can count on our skilled team of pharmacists, pathologists or lab technicians.

Areas of Care

What to expect

Pharmacy products and services

Find at-home medical equipment, receive a needed vaccination or refill a prescription at one of our Ballad Health pharmacies.

Our pharmacies are conveniently located all throughout communications in the Appalachian Highlands to ensure that top-quality products and services are never too far from home.

Your pharmacy team will assist you in finding the services, medication or equipment that's right for your condition or circumstances.

You can also manage your prescription online or transfer a prescription to us using our online Rx portal.

Learn more about pharmacy services.

Manage your prescription

Request a refill from a Ballad Health Pharmacy, transfer a prescription to us and view previous prescriptions we've filled for you.

Laboratory services

Ballad Health utilizes a full-service reference laboratory for clinical lab testing. This helps your doctor determine the correct diagnosis or treatment for your condition or injury.

All our labs are staffed by experienced, licensed professionals who are dedicated to accuracy. Our lab services are state-licensed and nationally recognized.

Learn more about our lab services.

Highly-trained pathologists

Pathologists study the causes and effects of diseases by closely examining collected samples.

Our board-certified pathologists lead our laboratories to ensure that test results are always quickly available and your doctor has the data they need to make an informed decision about your care.

Learn more about our pathology team.

Lab technician working with blood samples