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Critical Care


Critical care helps people with serious injuries and illnesses in a hospital intensive care unit (ICU) or trauma center. Count on Ballad Health’s specially trained professionals to provide close medical attention when you or your loved ones need it most.

Conditions we treat in critical care

Find high-level care for conditions that may need intensive monitoring such as:

Critical care treatments

Your Ballad Health critical care team works with other trained specialists to deliver compassionate, hands-on care and monitoring for your individual needs.

Your care team will rely on intensive care machines and monitoring devices to check your condition and help your body function. These machines and devices may include life support, mechanical ventilation, a temporary pacemaker or a tube in your windpipe to help you breathe.

Advanced critical care services

Depend on Ballad Health’s exceptional critical care services including:

  • State-designated Level I trauma center at Johnson City Medical Center for total care of all serious injuries or illnesses with a full range of specialty doctors available 24 hours a day
  • State-designated Level II trauma center at Bristol Regional Medical Center for care of serious injury or illness with specialty doctors available, and referrals to a Level I trauma center for complex cases
  • Intensivists, doctors trained to care for critically ill people and detect emerging complications or illnesses before they affect your health, at Johnson City Medical Center, Johnston Memorial Hospital, Indian Path Hospital and Franklin Woods Community Hospital
  • Level III neonatal intensive care units with specialty doctors and nurses available 24 hours a day to care for newborns who need the highest level of care at Holston Valley and Niswonger Children’s Hospital, one of only five state-designated Perinatal Centers in Tennessee
  • Pediatric intensive care units at Niswonger and Holston Valley have advanced pediatric care for seriously ill children who need attentive and specialized treatment