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Ballad Health CVA Heart Institute - CVT Surgery

310 N. State of Franklin Rd., Ste. 101, Johnson City, TN 37604


Welcome to Mountain States Medical Group-Cardiovascular/Thoracic Surgery in Johnson City

Office Hours Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
Appointments can be made by calling (423) 929-7393. 
Please give advance notice if you must cancel an appointment.

Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery serves people who have conditions of the heart, lungs, esophagus, diaphragm and great vessels (cardiovascular and thoracic diseases). Some procedures involve minimally invasive techniques. Cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons work as a team with doctors in many other specialties, including cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary medicine and hematology/oncology, to care for people who have heart and chest conditions.

Our team of skilled physicians specialize in the surgical care of the heart, chest and circulatory system. Patients are referred to us by their primary physician, cardiologist or pulmonologist for a variety of different problems. 

We treat our patients with courtesy, respect, compassion and confidentiality.

We participate with most insurance providers, but it will be the family's responsibility to check with their insurance to verify coverage. All questions regarding billing for services should be made to our office.

Services Offered:

The Heart

  • Coronary bypass graft
  • Valve repair and replacement
  • Repair of aortic aneurysm in the chest
  • Correction of adult congenital defects
  • OPCAB- off-pump (beating heart)
  • Coronary bypass surgery
  • Transmyocardial revascularization
  • Surgery for atrial fibrillation
  • Repair of cardiac aneurysm
  • Resection of cardiac tumor

The Chest

  • Lung resection of cancer
  • Resection of other chest tumors
  • Minimally invasive (thorascopic) lung operations, including cancer
  • Esophageal surgery, including cancer operations

The Body

  • Thoracic sympathectomy for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Understand your risk:

It is important to understand the risk factors that can cause heart disease. The more risk factors you have, the greater chance you have of developing heart disease.

Risk factors you can control or treat:

  • Cholesterol 
  • Blood pressure 
  • Smoking 
  • Physical activity 
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes 
  • Stress 
  • Birth control pills 
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs

Risk factors you cannot control or treat:

  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Heredity and race 
  • Stroke

Ideal guidelines to help manage your risk factors:

  • Blood pressure less than 128/80mm Hg. 
  • Total cholesterol less than 200mg/dL. 
  • Fasting blood glucose less than 100mg/dL. 
  • Body mass index less than 25kg/m2. 
  • Never smoked or quit more than one year ago.
  • Perform 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. 
  • Eat a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and high-fiber foods. Eat fish, especially oil fish, twice a week or more. 
  • Limit saturated fats, cholesterol, alcohol, sodium and sugar, and avoid trans-fatty acids.