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Birthing Center at Indian Path

Family-centered maternity care in Kingsport

The Barbara Humphreys Birthing Center at Indian Path Community Hospital provides labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care for families throughout Sullivan County, Hawkins County and our surrounding communities.

Our birthing center offers:

The Indian Path birthing center features a team of inpatient OB-certified, neonatal-certified and inpatient pediatric-certified nurses, alongside international board-certified lactation consultants.

Barbara Humpreys Birthing Center is a certified Silver Safe Sleep Champion by Cribs for Kids and earned a "BEST for  Babies" award by the Tennessee Hospital Association and Tennessee Department of Health in 2021.

Anesthesia, pain management and non-medication options

Whether you are seeking a natural, unmedicated birth or wish to explore pain management options, our trained team members are here to meet your needs. 

We offer a variety of non-medication options for coping with labor, including walking, massage, birthing balls/peanuts, or cordless/wireless fetal monitoring.

We also provide several medication choices for those who are interested. If you need a cesarean birth, you will likely be awake during labor.

Our nurses are experts in labor support and will work with you and your support person(s) to take an active role in your labor, birth and postpartum. Your support person(s) can remain with you during the birth.

You and your partner will be able to hold your baby immediately after birth if they are in good health.

Nursery services

While we encourage and support 24-hour rooming in as the best practice for breastfeeding and positive bonding experience, we also provide 24/7 access to our newborn nursery. 

Our nursery features:

  • 22 bassinets
  • Four Panda Infant Warmers for transitional newborn care for at-risk infants
  • One Giraffe Isolette/Radiant Warmer for premature or extremely ill infant care until transport to a higher level of care can be achieved
  • Three Draeger Isolettes for care of late preterm infants and infants requiring phototherapy and/or care of returning pediatric admissions needing care with failure to thrive or phototherapy
  • Circumcision procedural area
  • Specialization in neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) for newborns
  • Negative pressure isolation room for protective and COVID-19 care
  • Telemedicine services for pediatric providers for newborn consult

Your birthing center team

Doctors and certified OB nurses

Our experienced team is ready to get you and your baby the care you need for a safe delivery, fast recovery and attentive postpartum care.

The Indian Path birthing center's team includes:

  • OBGYN physicians
  • Specialized OB hospitalists
  • Nurse midwives
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Certified OB, neonatal and pediatric lactation specialists/nurses

If your newborn requires specialized care, we offer neonatologists via telemedicine 24/7.

Childbirth classes

Our classes are designed to boost a couple's confidence and increase your comfort level in preparation for your child's arrival.

Childbirth preparation class

This series introduces expectant moms and their support persons to:

  • Changes of late pregnancy
  • Preparing for birth and pre-labor signs
  • Stages/phases of labor and delivery
  • The role of a support person
  • Pain management, breathing and relaxation techniques
  • After-delivery expectations
  • Infant care basics
  • Infant CPR

Due to COVID-19, tours of our labor and delivery area are not available as a group, but they can be arranged for the mother-to-be and her support person on an individual basis by calling (423) 857-7240.

You should plan to register for this class by the 28th week of your pregnancy and begin classes between weeks 30 and 32.

Breastfeeding basics

This class provides information to assist families in breastfeeding. With this course, you can learn what to expect during the first few days and months after delivery.

Our breastfeeding class also covers the benefits of breastfeeding, how you can get started, managing breastfeeding and helpful resources.

This class should be taken between weeks 32 and 38 of your pregnancy.

Other classes

For a full list of our available classes, you can visit our birth center classes page.

Strong Starts program for families

Ballad Health’s Strong Starts program connects parents and caregivers with essential resources and services for children up to the age of five. We can connect you with childcare services, food assistance, housing insecurity resources and government assistance programs. We also offer classes for new parents, including prenatal, lactation and family classes. For more information or to sign up online, read about our Strong Starts program here.