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Marcia Stone

2018 Servant’s Heart Award Winner

Marcia Stone

Marcia Stone, a nursery and labor nurse at Bristol Regional Medical Center, specializes in helping people in some of their most vulnerable moments. She works in the birth center and is instrumental in supporting not just babies and new mothers, but also patients who lose a baby. In their time of grief, these people need special help, and Marcia is there for them.

She puts together all the bereavement memory boxes and packets the birth center gives to patients who have experienced loss and are grieving. Her gentle and caring manner has helped many families make it through crises. It’s common for people to call or visit the birth center, sometimes years later, with praise for Marcia and what she did for them in their time of need.

She works hard to develop best practices in the nursery, spending countless hours of her own time on research, and also serves as one of the lead instructors for the center’s neonatal resuscitation program, helping implement new guidelines and train staff, physicians and other departments. Marcia is also passionate about helping to develop the next generation of nurses, serving as one of the main nursery preceptors for new nurses.

Outside of work, she is active at her church, leading an outreach ministry that puts together baskets containing essential items for new moms who are in need, so they can take the baskets home with them from the hospital.

Marcia goes above and beyond to help support her patients and her team members. Her great expertise and knowledge are surpassed only by her kind heart.

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