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Jennifer Tincher

2018 Servant’s Heart Award Winner

Jennifer Tincher

Our next leadership winner is Jennifer Tincher, who works in informatics, an area that blends computer technology and informational science with healthcare. When doctors, nurses and other caregivers treat patients, they use computers to input data and follow specific treatment orders that are based on research and best practices. That’s the world of informatics where Jennifer and her team operate. They don’t treat patients directly, but their work behind the scenes is vital in providing patients with safe, efficient care.

By the nature of the job, the informatics team doesn’t often see the end result of their work. However, in her leadership role, Jennifer makes sure they consider the patient throughout their entire process. She thinks ahead to imagine any possible negative patient outcomes and how they can be avoided. She emphasizes to her team that, while they’re not frontline caregivers, their jobs are extremely important and have an effect on patients.

One reason Jennifer understands this is because prior to being in informatics, she spent many years as a respiratory therapist, working hands-on with patients.

Her talents as a leader are many. She mentors her team, offers them encouragement and creates a positive environment. She treats each of her team members to a birthday lunch that she pays for. She’s the first one into the office each day and the last one to leave.

Jennifer also strongly advocates a healthy lifestyle, encouraging her team members to be active and exercise.

“Be mindful and always do the right thing” is the motto on a plaque hanging in her office, and that’s how Jennifer approaches everything she does.

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