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Freddie Horn

2018 Servant’s Heart Award Winner

Freddie Horn

Next, we honor Freddie Horn, director of Bristol Regional Medical Center’s radiology department, who leads by setting an example for others. He’s the kind of person who’s always willing to provide personal assistance to patients and visitors. He’s frequently seen helping them get in and out of vehicles, offering to help find wheelchairs and personally escorting people to their destinations.

On one occasion, Freddie really went the extra mile when he heard about a patient who was being discharged at 11 o’clock on a snowy evening. The patient was weak, and Freddie was concerned the family might not be able to settle him in at home, where his room was located on the top floor. Freddie contacted the patient’s loved ones to see if they would need assistance, and when they said they did, he drove an hour and a half in the snow, on his own time, to ensure the patient and his family were well-cared for after the discharge.

Another time, Freddie learned about a family who had several relatives with recent diagnoses of brain tumors. A neurosurgeon advised several of the younger family members to be screened for potential problems. Obviously, this was a frightening time for the family, and when Freddie found out their situation, he personally worked on the RMI schedule and connected with the admissions team to attain insurance approval early. The family was able to have their scans that same day because of Freddie’s efforts, and he stayed at work late to ensure they were taken care of properly.

Although Freddie’s team members commend him for his selflessness, he doesn’t consider his efforts anything special – just part of his job. He goes the extra mile, which to him is simply doing what he's supposed to do.

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