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Dr. Candi Overholt, MD

2018 Servant’s Heart Award Winner

Candi Overholt

Growing up in rural Parrottsville, Tennessee, Candi saw the problems caused by poverty and substance abuse. Now an internal medicine physician with Takoma Medical Associates, Dr. Overholt is in a position to effect change – and she has risen to the occasion.

In 2013, Candi founded Empower Cocke County, a charitable organization that brings together multiple churches to help improve the community’s wellbeing. Empower Cocke County has established multiple resources for counseling, parenting classes, substance abuse treatment, jobs for life and anger management. It also has financial assistance programs that spur employment and empower the people of Cocke County. 

She’s also spearheading the work to build a permanent, brick-and-mortar home for the organization on main street in Newport – right in the heart of the county.

Dr. Overholt shows the same heart and dedication in her daily work as a physician. She has made it a habit to meet with patients at times and places that are most convenient for them; often, that means after-hours or at their homes. She’s also a leader among the medical staff at Takoma Regional Hospital in Greeneville.

Dr. Overholt saw a great need and, with her servant’s heart, has worked hard to meet it.

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