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Allison Cordell

2023 Servant's Heart Award Winner

Allison Cordell Servants Heart headshot Allison Cordell, a nurse in the Holston Valley Medical Center emergency department, is known for her tenderheartedness with her patients, dedication to her work, drive to learn and teach, and willingness to go above and beyond for her team members, patients and community.

It has been said of Allison that she does the work of three nurses. Patients recalling their experiences with her speak of her as though she is a guardian angel, literally saving lives. Others remember her being a peaceful, compassionate, comforting presence amid the turmoil of losing a loved one. One patient tells of her getting on the floor to speak with some children who had just lost their grandmother, bringing herself to their level and talking them through a tough time.

Allison’s team members think just as highly of her as her patients, praising her skills, work ethic and attitude and describing her as “a co-worker anyone would be lucky to have.” She is admired by nurses, techs and physicians alike and is known as the go-to person for all manner of things on her floor. After the first COVID-19 cases were diagnosed in 2020, Allison had food delivered to her department every other Sunday just to boost her team members’ morale and make them feel appreciated and valued – and then continued doing it for several years.

"Patients recalling their experiences with her speak of her as though she is a guardian angel, literally saving lives."

She has held multiple positions within the emergency department throughout her career, including several management positions. As a leader, she is gifted in viewing complex situations from a variety of perspectives.

Allison is constantly seeking out educational opportunities, and with 26 years of experience, she has become a wealth of knowledge. She draws from her experience to make suggestions that benefit not just patient care, but department staffing, finances, patient satisfaction and overall department morale.

Allison truly has the soul of a healer. She is consistently at the top of every scoring matrix within her department and excels at any task that she sets her mind to. She serves on numerous boards and committees within her department. Outside of work, she serves as a substitute nurse for local school systems, and she volunteers with other activities in the schools.

Allison consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of her, never wanting any credit or asking for anything in return. She does everything for her patients and her community, saying she just wants to know they are well taken care of. She is constantly making sacrifices to ensure her patients receive the highest level of care possible, and she inspires the same behavior in those around her.