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Ballad Health Nursing Institute

Ballad Health is proud to offer a wide variety of available programs for nursing students. We’re investing in you by offering essential clinical, financial and employment opportunities while you’re a student. This allows you to get to know the wonderful care we provide and make Ballad Health your employer of choice.

Financial Help – Registered Nurse Scholarship Programs

*To be eligible, you must have been accepted into an accredited registered nursing program.

Students who have agreed to work with Ballad Health upon graduation qualify for financial assistance to help with tuition and standard fees. The service time is determined by the amount of money that the student receives. Service time begins when the student obtains their RN license and becomes a Ballad Health full-time employee.

Employment opportunities – nurse intern program for registered nurse students

Ballad Health welcomes students to participate as nurse interns to gain experience and confidence. The nurse intern program allows students to participate in hands-on learning while earning an income.

Nurse Intern I program

After successful completion of the Foundations/Fundamentals of the nursing course, the nursing student may be hired as Nurse Intern I. The role of the Nurse Intern I in the unit is similar to that of a nursing assistant.

Nurse Intern I qualifications

  • Enrollment in a BSN or AD program at an accredited school of nursing
  • Successful completion of Foundations/Fundamentals of Nursing and first clinical rotation as evidenced by an official transcript
  • Successful completion of the AHA Basic Life Support course

How to apply

You may apply online at Ballad Health Careers for any nurse assistant, certified nurse assistant or nurse intern position.

Nurse Intern II program

The Nurse Intern II program is a seven-week program offered during the summer prior to graduation.

This learning experience is designed to assist nursing students in bridging the gap between theory and clinical practice. The program consists of clinical experiences to enhance the development of essential knowledge and skills. The program allows the student to be involved in many activities of care for patients in care delivery areas.

Students accepted into the program will earn a salary while gaining valuable patient care knowledge and clinical competencies.

The student will work under the direction of experienced nurses and a nurse manager who have a variety of nursing-related expertise. The rotation through selected clinical areas will assist the student in identifying professional development needs and future career opportunities.

Nurse Intern II selection

Selection is based on satisfactory references, GPA and an interview. Student must demonstrate motivation and commitment to the professional practice of nursing. They should also express interest in employment with Ballad Health following graduation.

Nurse Intern II schedule

All new team members will attend Ballad Health orientation. Before clinical rotations begin, each Nurse Intern II will receive orientation specific to the role.

The Nurse Intern II will work with an RN preceptor during clinical rotations. These rotations may consist of days, evenings and nights. Most shifts are 12 hours. Depending on the schedule of your preceptor, you may also be required to work every other weekend and night shift.

Apply for the Nurse Intern II Program

Nurse Intern III program

This is an exciting time as you are starting your senior year in nursing school. The advantages in this position are the ability to network with our nursing leaders, determine the field of nursing at which you want to start your RN career and become more comfortable working with patients, nurses and physicians. The role of a Nurse Intern III on the unit is similar to that of a nurse assistant.

Nurse Intern III qualifications

  • Must have completed the Nurse Intern II program or enrolled as a senior RN student within two semesters of RN graduation
  • Official transcript within a 2.75 GPA preferred

How to apply

You may apply online at Ballad Health Careers for any nurse assistant, certified nurse assistant or nurse intern position.

Employment opportunities – graduate nurse

Congratulations! You’ve completed your RN graduation. This is the time between completing your nursing degree and obtaining your RN license. We would love you to start your nursing career with us. At Ballad Health, we strive to listen to our patients and their stories to help us provide the perfect care solution. We’re also proud to have a team of diverse caregivers that excel in their roles and are able to utilize Ballad Health to meet their career goals. We’re here to help you make the right decision to start your successful career in nursing.

Graduate Nurse Qualifications

  • Completion of your RN degree as demonstrated by an official transcript or diploma
  • Application to an open RN position

Educational opportunities – successful transition into excellent practice (STEP) nurse residency program

Why choose the Ballad Health nurse residency program?

  • The Ballad Health nurse residency STEP program provides tools and resources to increase competence, confidence and critical thinking skills.
  • Ballad Health is committed to investing in the success of graduate nurses.
  • Ballad Health offers continued professional development opportunities, including certification reimbursement, tuition assistance and career development programs.
  • Every graduate nurse is placed in the nurse residency program as part of the formal onboarding process.
  • The mentoring component, which is entirely optional, provides support and facilitates professional relationships.
  • The STEP program builds upon the knowledge and experience new graduates gain in the academic setting.

STEP nurse residency program details

All graduates must participate in an 8-12 month (depending on specialty) evidence-based residency program. This includes:

  • Trained preceptor assignments
  • Classes consisting of evidenced-based content, simulation, hands-on activities and skill review
  • Seminars on professional growth and development

STEP nurse residency application

There is no additional application required for the STEP program. Once you accept an RN position, you’ll automatically be enrolled.

Financial opportunity – Ballad Health student loan assistance program

This program is designed to aid newly employed registered nurses in the repayment of their student loans after graduating from nursing school.

The forgiveness schedule is determined by the Ballad Health service agreement that begins when you start working full time as well as when you’re securing your RN license. This schedule is dependent on the amount of financial aid you receive in student loan assistance.

Employment opportunities – registered nurse

Congratulations! You’ve obtained your RN license. We’re excited to help you kickstart your career! After you successfully pass your NCLEX and obtain your registered nurse license, you will transition from graduate nurse to registered nurse.

For additional information related to the scholarship, nurse intern program, graduate nurse positions or student loan assistance, please contact one of our recruiters at (423) 302-3299.