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Parkinson’s Disease Care at Norton Community Hospital


Parkinson’s Disease Treatment and Certified Rehabilitation Program – Norton, Va.

Our team

  • 24-hour rehabilitation nursing with training in Parkinson’s management
  • LSVT- certified occupational, physical and speech therapists
  • Rehabilitation physicians with expertise in Parkinsonian disorders and medication management
  • Registered dietician/diabetes educator
  • Social worker to assist with discharge planning and emotional support

What to expect

  • Close physician supervision for Parkinson’s medication and symptom management
  • Individualized care with exceptional nurse to patient ratio
  • Intense program with three to four hours of therapy, five days per week
  • Onsite home evaluations for improved safety and reduced fall risk
  • Private patient rooms
  • Strong family/caregiver involvement to facilitate carryover of learned techniques upon discharge home
  • Therapy environment to promote a safe transition home including therapeutic outdoor courtyard, therapy gym, patient kitchen, and ADL suite with washer and dryer

Anticipated outcomes

  • Better understanding of Parkinson’s medication routine
  • Improved balance and posture
  • Improved communication and more easily understood
  • Improved walking with longer steps
  • Increased independence with self-care tasks

Parkinson’s patient Buford Sturgill’s story

Buford Sturgill is a well-known businessman and community leader who has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease since 2006. His early efforts at physical therapy had little success.

But then his wife, Mary Ann, encouraged him to enroll in the Norton Community Hospital inpatient Parkinson’s disease rehabilitation program.

It was unbelievable what they did for Buford in only 14 days,” said Mary Ann.

“Before the program, he had trouble writing, walking, turning his body, putting his clothes on, and getting in and out of his chair. Now he can move his body, bend all the way down to his feet, and I don’t have to help him with everything anymore.

“This program is wonderful. It has helped him become more self-sufficient. It has helped him be able to live a full life again.”

Learn how we can help

Please call (276) 439-1350 to learn how Parkinson’s disease treatment and the certified rehabilitation program at Norton Community Hospital can help you or a loved one.