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Navigational Bronchoscopy at Indian Path Hospital


Indian Path Medical Center offers navigational bronchoscopy using the Veran SPiNView® Thoracic Navigation System. Veran is the only navigation system to provide visualization, accurate navigation and real-time confirmation of nodule location.

Other navigational bronchoscopy systems are limited if the nodule is too small or too deep within the lungs to reach through the airways. The Veran system is capable of a hybrid procedure called a SPiNPerc™, reducing the multiple procedures, departments and visits required to do a lung biopsy to one procedure, one department and one visit. It makes it possible to get the answer the patient and physician need to begin treatment options as soon as possible.

Patient benefits include:

  • One visit and procedure
  • Evaluation by pathology during the procedures means faster results
  • Ability to diagnose suspicious spots while they’re small or in areas not accessible by traditional navigational bronchoscopy
  • Early diagnosis can save lives

Watch the video to learn more about Veran SPiNView®.

Early detection begins with screening. For more information on low-dose CT lung screenings, call 423-857-6004.