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Niswonger Children’s Emergency Department



The Children's Emergency Department at Johnson City Medical Center is committed to providing the highest quality care for all children of all ages: from babies to young adults.

In the event a child requires advanced care, the Children's Emergency medical staff has access to the pediatric specialists from Niswonger Children's Hospital, as well as full access to the wealth of services available at Johnson City Medical Center. Children who need inpatient care do not need to be transferred to another facility. They are admitted to Niswonger Children's Hospital, on the same campus as Johnson City Medical Center.

Why is an emergency department dedicated to children important?

Children needing urgent and emergency care have unique and special needs, requiring medical professionals who specialize in the care of children, as well as equipment designed for all sizes, from babies to young adults.

The medical staff of Children's Emergency have the necessary skills, knowledge and training to provide care for children in urgent and emergency situations. Our physicians are board-certified in pediatrics, and our nurses are experienced in treating children of all ages. Emergency rooms are often busy places, so prepare a "visit kit" and keep it by the door or in the car. A visit kit should contain a comfort item as well as items that will provide distraction and occupy your child while you might be waiting. Suggested visit kit items include:

  • Favorite stuffed animal or blanket
  • Story, picture, seek-and-find books
  • Books about doctor or hospital visits
  • Coloring books and crayons
  • Bubbles, glitter wand, kaleidoscope
  • Handheld or travel games