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Calcium Scoring

Catch heart disease early – or get peace of mind – with a quick, easy calcium scoring test at Ballad Health with locations throughout East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

This CT scan shows whether your heart arteries have calcium buildup that could cause a heart attack. Knowing the health of your heart helps you and your doctor decide what steps to take to keep you as well as possible. 

Should I Get Calcium Scoring?

Ask your doctor for a heart calcium scan if you:

  • Haven’t been diagnosed with heart disease
  • Are a man age 40 or older
  • Are a woman age 50 or older

Have at least one of these risk factors:

Calcium scoring can reveal heart disease even before you notice symptoms. That means you can get treatment early – when it works best.

What Happens During the Test?

During a heart calcium scan, you lie in a CT scanner in your everyday clothes.

You’ll hold your breath for a few seconds so your chest doesn’t move while the machine takes a picture of your heart arteries.

You won’t feel any pain.

Your Results

After the test, a physician will look at the image of your heart arteries. Then, you’ll find out the results and learn what treatment you might need, if any.