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Behavioral Health Outpatient Services

Get the support you need to manage a serious mental illness or substance abuse in Ballad Health’s intensive outpatient program for adults. Live at home and go to work or school while benefiting from several hours a week of therapy and behavioral health education. Trust our caring staff to help you build skills to make more of your everyday life.

Starting Intensive Outpatient Care

Ask your doctor to refer you to an intensive outpatient program at any stage in your behavioral health care journey, especially after leaving inpatient care. Choose the intensive outpatient program that’s right for you:

  • A group focused on managing mental health conditions
  • A dual-diagnosis group for people who have both a mental illness and alcohol or drug dependence

Your program meets three hours a day, three days a week for six to eight weeks.

What to Expect

Work with our caring behavioral health team to form a treatment plan that might include:

  • Psychiatric evaluation, which reviews how you think, feel and act
  • Group, family and individual therapy – Conversations with a licensed counselor one-on-one or with your peers about ways to solve problems and feel better
  • 12-step meetings that support addiction recovery and relapse prevention
  • Guidance on developing coping skills and relationship skills
  • Education on taking your medicines the right way

Intensive Outpatient Program Team

Expect care from professionals such as:

  • Psychiatrist – Doctor who oversees the program and uses medicine to treat behavioral health conditions
  • Therapist – Guides private conversations about problems you want help with
  • Nurse case manager – Helps make sure you get the care you need

Follow-Up Care

To keep making progress after finishing an intensive outpatient program, take advantage of outpatient behavioral health services, such as support groups and weekly one-on-one counseling sessions. Continue to get care as long as possible to stay well long-term.

Behavioral Health Outpatient Services Locations

2000 Brookside Drive
Kingsport, TN 37660
1901 South Shady Street
Mountain City, TN 37683
58 Carroll Street
Lebanon, VA 24266
403 North State of Franklin Road
Johnson City, TN 37604
71 S. Flannagan Ave.
Lebanon, VA 24266-0000