Ankle replacement surgery


Every year, more than 400,000 people have a total joint replacement surgery.

Most of them have chronic joint pain from arthritis that interferes with daily activities such as walking, exercise, leisure, recreation and work.

With joint replacement surgery at Ballad Health, you’ll receive the care you need to restore your independence and return to a more active lifestyle.

“It hurt all the time. I couldn’t walk on it… I just had to get something done.”

When the stabbing pain in his ankle was enough to stop dairy farmer Lanny Love from driving his tractor, he knew he needed a drastic solution. Watch the video above or read Lanny’s story here.

What is a total ankle replacement?

A total ankle replacement is a surgical option for patients with arthritis of the ankle that interferes with daily activities. This operation can relieve pain and maintain motion in an arthritic ankle joint.

Total ankle replacement an alternative to ankle fusion surgery, which can relieve pain but eliminates motion in the joint.

Artificial ankle joint – like those used in total ankle replacement – are designed to more closely mimic the natural movement of the ankle. The artificial ankle helps you walk more naturally with more range of motion, while experiencing less pain.

Are you a candidate for ankle replacement surgery?

Treatment for arthritis in the ankles often starts with pain and anti-inflammatory medication and injections, a brace or physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around the ankle joint.

If those steps aren’t enough to reduce ankle arthritis pain and other symptoms, surgery might be your best option.

Complete care you can trust

Comprehensive plans

Every detail of the ankle replacement program – from pre-surgery teaching to post-surgery exercise – is planned by our joint team and reviewed with you.

Fast recovery

We have a proven track record of total ankle replacement patients recovering quickly. They are typically up working with our physical therapy team the day of surgery.

And most return home in 1 or 2 days.

Learn more

To find out more about ankle replacement and whether it might work for you, please call the Ballad Health orthopedic services team near you:

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