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Green Oak Behavioral Health

Helping seniors find hope and happiness

As adults age, it’s common to experience life changing events that can cause an emotional and psychosocial strain. The Green Oak Behavioral Health unit at Dickenson Community Hospital is an acute-level healthcare facility that treats and improves the lives of people 55 and older (and will consider 45 and up on a caseby-case basis) who are suffering from a wide range of psychiatric conditions, including:

  • Depression, sadness and anxiety
  • Severe memory loss and dementia
  • Disorientation and hallucination
  • Increased social withdrawal and isolation
  • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Extreme fluctuation in weight
  • Loss of interest in appearance and self-neglect
  • Aggressive or agitated behavior
  • Prolonged grieving
  • Loss of desire to live

To make a referral, please call 276-926-0251.