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Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Services at Woodridge Hospital


As behavioral health problems in children do not always present in a typical manner, Willow Unit’s well-trained staff offers expert consultation, evaluation and referral services.

Woodridge Hospital’s Willow Unit offers outstanding inpatient psychiatric care to children and adolescents in a caring, comfortable environment. It is a 12-bed unit serving young people ages 6–17 (18-year-olds are admitted if they meet criteria and are current high school students). The facility’s multidisciplinary team is composed of medical doctors, psychotherapists, nursing professionals, licensed social workers, a pharmacist, an education specialist and recreational therapists.

This team provides highly specialized diagnostics and treatment for young patients with a variety of issues, including:

  • ADHD 
  • Bipolar disorder 
  • Destructive behavior   
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Psychosis      

Family Involvement

The Willow treatment team encourages strong parental/family involvement. Upon admission, an initial family session is scheduled to take place within the first 24 hours of hospitalization. This allows the parents/guardians to speak freely with the patient and members of the treatment team and begin to address ongoing therapeutic needs right away. Family sessions are then held as often as needed until the patient is discharged. Parents and family are also allowed to visit during designated hours once a patient has been approved for "trust" level by the team.

Therapeutic Services

Willow Unit provides a very structured environment, and patients participate in a variety of goal-directed therapeutic activities throughout the day, including:

  • Group therapy 
  • Nursing groups 
  • Activities therapy 
  • Exercise groups 
  • Individual therapy 
  • Medication education groups 
  • Pet therapy 

Participation within the therapeutic community is a vital part of your child’s treatment. On Willow Unit, the patients are guided to assist others with their treatment. This gives opportunities for positive peer influence, and perhaps uncovers previously unseen leadership potential. In this manner, patients gain ownership of their own goals and treatment. Parents/guardians will receive a handbook with more details on rules, visitation and therapy upon the patient’s admission.

Willow School

Willow School is a state-certified Category VII non-public school located within the unit. The school’s educator/administrator is a master’s degree level, licensed special education teacher. The educator strives to maintain contact with each student’s home school; both to provide educational continuity for the child and to obtain useful collateral information. This collaboration is vital, as many students at Willow School are experiencing academic and/or social problems. A smooth transition back to school after a hospital stay helps to minimize stress for both the student and his/her family.

Additionally, the presence of a comprehensive school on the unit allows our staff members and physician the opportunity for direct observations of the child’s behavior in a genuine classroom setting.

Woodridge Hospital, located in Johnson City, Tennessee, is a 84-bed inpatient provider of mental health and chemical dependency services for adults, adolescents, and children ages 6 and older. A psychiatrist leads a team of professionals that includes mental health therapists, discharge planners, expressive therapists, and psychiatric nurses who will assist the individual with finding the most beneficial level of treatment. Therapy is an integral component of the treatment program. Traditional group, individual, family and couples psychotherapies are available. There is also an expressive therapy department that provides non-traditional therapy in art, music, relaxation, drama and writing.