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Exploring Weight-Loss Surgery Class

Weight-loss class schedule and dates

Come hear about our surgical weight-loss options.

Important note: You will need to attend the class for the clinic you have been referred to or that you are interested in using. In other words, if you will be a patient of the Kingsport weight management center, you must go to one of the Kingsport classes. And if you will be a patient of the Greeneville weight management center, you must attend a Greeneville class.

2019 classes


  • Monday, 8/5 – Kingsport
  • Monday, 8/19 – Kingsport
  • Tuesday, 8/20 – Greeneville


  • Monday, 9/16 – Kingsport
  • Tuesday, 9/17 – Greeneville


  • Monday, 10/7 – Kingsport
  • Tuesday, 10/15 – Greeneville
  • Monday, 10/21 – Kingsport


  • Monday, 11/4 – Kingsport
  • Monday, 11/18 – Kingsport
  • Tuesday, 11/19 – Greeneville


  • Monday, 12/2 – Kingsport
  • Monday, 12/16 – Kingsport
  • Tuesday, 12/17 – Greeneville

Where are classes held?

Greeneville, Tennessee

All Greeneville weight-loss seminar meetings are held at 7 p.m. at Laughlin Memorial Hospital on the 5th floor, classroom A.

Kingsport, Tennessee

All Kingsport seminars are held at 6 p.m. in the lobby of the Comprehensive Weight Management Center in the Press Building.

How do I sign up?

Contact us to sign up for our free Exploring Weight Loss Surgery class:

  • Greeneville center – Call (423) 787-7100. Pre-registration isn’t necessary for the Greeneville class.
  • Kingsport center – Call Nurse Connect at 833-8-BALLAD (833‑822-5523). You must pre-register to attend in Kingsport.