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Sycamore Shoals Hospital Diagnostic Imaging

New technology and more comfortable exams means better images: Introducing the Toshiba Vantage Titan™ MRI system.

Sycamore Shoals Hospital now offers physicians brand new, state-of-the-art MRI imaging and patients a quieter, more comfortable MRI experience. The new Vantage Titan from Toshiba is a 1.5T Premium Open Bore MRI System that features a 71 cm open-bore and noise-reduction technology. Combining this with new imaging technology provides complete satisfaction for both the physician and the patient. For more information on this new technology call 423-542-1282. To schedule an MRI exam at Sycamore Shoals Hospital, call 423-542-1369

Other Diagnostic Imaging Services:

Inpatient/Outpatient - General Radiography

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Computerized Tomography
  • Sonography
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Mammorgraphy and Bone Desitometry provided in the Women's Diagnostic Center
  • Special Procedures - Certain special procedures may also be performed in the Women's Diagnostic Center
  • Cardiac Stress Test
  • Standard Graded Exercise ECG
  • Nuclear Stress (exercise or pharmaceutical)
  • Arterial Doppler (as ordered by MD)

You have a choice where in where you receive treatment. Choose Sycamore Shoals Hospital.

Tell your doctor to schedule your imaging appointment today by calling 423-542-1253