Shane Duncan

2023 Servant's Heart Award Winner

Shane Duncan Servants Heart headshot Shane Duncan is the Consumer Contact Center director for Ballad Health – an important resource for thousands of people in the region. In addition to his day job, he serves as the chair for one of Ballad Health Foundation’s biggest fundraising events – the annual Night of Hope and Miracles, which benefits Niswonger Children’s Hospital.

Shane’s role as the Consumer Contact Center director makes it possible for people to have immediate access to more healthcare resources. Having a dedicated and well-trained team to handle patient inquiries and provide prompt and efficient service through the call center and online chat service helps patients get the information they need quickly and easily. Shane manages the center’s operations, ensuring access to help is seamless and readily available.

He goes above and beyond every year – on a volunteer basis – to assist with the Night of Hope and Miracles. The 2022 event raised more than $240,000 to benefit the expansion of Niswonger Children’s Hospital, which will include the J.D. Nicewonder Family Perinatal and Pediatric Institute and create a regionwide opportunity to serve children with complex medical needs, ensuring more families can receive specialty care close to home.

"The support and momentum Shane generates through Night of Hope and Miracles has a palpable, real-world effect on healthcare."

The project is ambitious and requires successful fundraising – so the Night of Hope and Miracle is a crucial event. Shane leads the committee planning meetings and then directs things on the night of the event.

He creates the layout of the room, works with the lighting and production team, assists in decorating ideas and much, much more. He also uses his own personal time to take off and set up the entire week of the event. Shane has served in this volunteer role for years.

On top of that, he purchased an 18-foot Christmas tree several years ago that he keeps in his personal storage unit, and every year for Night of Hope and Miracles, he and his volunteers put it together in the event space. However, it’s so beautiful, MeadowView Conference Resort & Convention Center requested to keep it in their atrium for the holiday season – so, the day after one of the largest events on Ballad Health Foundation’s calendar, Shane painstakingly transports the tree to the atrium and packs up event materials for the next year.

The support and momentum Shane generates through Night of Hope and Miracles has a palpable, real-world effect on healthcare, as the foundation is constantly raising money so every child has access to the comprehensive, quality healthcare they deserve. Thanks in part to Shane, children in our region will get the special care they need.